武蔵野光機:リトレック II-A

The maintenance of this SLR is available (Japanese only)

The export model of the Rittreck SLR was named as 'Optika.'

A 6x9 SLR camera made by Musashino Kohki (Wista).

Vertical traveled focal plane shutter: B, 1/20, 1/25, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500sec


This is the only 6x9 SLR in Japan. This SLR have a vertical traveled focal plane shutter with T, B,1/20-1/500 second. The Luminant brand lenses with focal length of 90-400mm were available The dark room works was required, because the original roll film holder had a reverse winding mechanism to maintain flatness of the film (This description was foud in Westa's web site, but I found the dark room is not required during the film exchange.)

Rittreck SP. a later model of this camera, had slower shutter speeds (the slowest was 1/2 second).

Sample pictures with a Fujinar 180mm, a Topcor 150mm and a Tessar 135mm are available

Optika IIa

Jun 3, 2002 (From Ritz Collectible Cameras, Inc)